Making Sports A Part Of Your Schedule: Important Sessions To Include

Posted on: 12 February 2020

There is more to sports physio than just providing treatment interventions for injured treatments. As an active athlete, sports physio should be a regular part of your schedule, even when you are not injured.

Depending on where you are in your training, there are sports physio sessions that can benefit you greatly. Here is a quick look at these sessions:

1. Pre-Event Sessions

If you have a big game or sporting event coming up, then a sports physio session a few days to the event can help ensure that you are in top shape for the big day. The therapist will focus on loosening your muscles so that it will be easier for you to really push yourself to the limits. The sports physio expert will also ensure that you avoid exercises that may leave you sore.

2. Post-Event Sessions

Even if you do not sustain any acute injuries during your sporting event, you can still benefit from a post-event sports physio session. The focus will be providing you relief for the soreness and exhaustion you may experience during the event helping you to recover faster.

Timing for these sessions can be as soon as right after your event, or you can give it a couple of days before going in for your session.

3. In-Between Training Sessions

Throughout your training period, you can go in for your sports physio sessions in between training. The focus will be on strengthening your muscle tissue, flexibility and enhancing range of motion, among other things. In the end, all this serves to prevent injury, as well as improving your performance. You'll be able to go into your next training session confident that you can push your limits without having to worry too much about getting hurt.

Rehabilitation Sports Physio

Then there is, of course, sports physio session sessions to help with your recovery and rehabilitation following a sports-related injury. A lot more goes into determining the specifics of such sessions, including the type of exercises you will have to do and how long each session will last. Your sports physio will also have to work closely and exchange notes with other professionals directly involved in your rehabilitation and recovery journey.

Bringing It All Together

Apart from helping during recovery, sports physio is just as crucial in promoting performance and preventing injuries. Having physio sessions before and after a big event, and in-between training periods will ensure you are in your best form.