How to Make the Most of Your Personal Trainer

Posted on: 14 September 2021

When you decide to start using a personal trainer, your exercise and weight loss journey will transform for the better. However, if you're going to see the best results, you'll need to put in some effort. Here are some ways you can make the most of your personal trainer.

Use a Calorie Tracker

If your personal trainer provides you with a nutrition plan, its success will depend on how well you stick to it. Similarly, if they recommend a set amount of calories or macronutrients, you'll need to keep a close eye on what you're consuming.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to guess how many calories you're eating. You may eat more than you need to and stall your progress. To see the best results, always make sure you measure out your portions and use a calorie tracker. That way, you're more likely to stay on track with your personal trainer's plan.

Warm Up Before Sessions

If you want to make sure you get more out of every minute you spend with your personal trainer, you need to warm up before each session. Spend about 15 minutes engaging in light exercises and stretches before your time with them starts.

By warming up before each session, you ensure you can use the time with your personal trainer to focus on tougher exercises. You also reduce your risk of injury, which then means you won't miss any sessions.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Ahead of your first session with your personal trainer, make your expectations clear. You should also let them know if your goals change so that they can change their plan for you accordingly.

For example, if you want a women's personal trainer then you need to highlight this before making inquiries. Or, if you need someone who specialises in post-operative recovery, make sure the person you're booking is aware of your needs. By being as specific as possible, you increase your chances of finding someone you'll hit it off with.

Be Open and Honest With Them

Your personal trainer may only spend an hour a week with you. Because of this, they're only seeing a snapshot of the challenges you face. To help them help you, you need to be as open and honest as you can.

For example, if you're struggling with the exercise plan they set out, tell them so that they have an opportunity to create a new one. Or, if you don't feel as though they're pushing you hard enough, tell them so that they can adapt their approach.

Overall, you should see your personal trainer as a partner on your journey to a healthier life. With the right relationship and cooperation, you're more likely to succeed.