Roberto Thomas

  • How to Speed Up Your Knee Injury Rehabilitation

    Having an injured knee, whether you got injured during exercise, sport or just during everyday life, can be painful and difficult. Luckily, as described below, there are a few things to do that will help to make your recovery go faster and more smoothly. See a Physiotherapist Regularly You might be offered a course of physiotherapy after your injury, but if not, it is something that you should ask your GP or specialist about.
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  • Forms of Massage Therapy You Can Try Out Today

    For centuries, people all over the world have relied on massage therapy to treat a wide range of health conditions. Currently, there are numerous forms of massage therapies designed to focus on different healing approaches or body parts. The one thing they have in common is the kneading and rubbing the body with hands while applying strong or gentle pressure to the joints and muscles. This eases tension and pain and helps a patient feel so much better after the session.
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  • Making Sports A Part Of Your Schedule: Important Sessions To Include

    There is more to sports physio than just providing treatment interventions for injured treatments. As an active athlete, sports physio should be a regular part of your schedule, even when you are not injured. Depending on where you are in your training, there are sports physio sessions that can benefit you greatly. Here is a quick look at these sessions: 1. Pre-Event Sessions If you have a big game or sporting event coming up, then a sports physio session a few days to the event can help ensure that you are in top shape for the big day.
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